Caring For Newborn – Virginia Apgar M.D.


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There is something special about being able to enjoy artwork mounted on your wall that is a rare record of what it feels like as an Obstetrician caring a new born.  Available as Museum Quality Giclee to fit any décor style. 

Virginia Apgar, M.D. – Caring For New Born

Virginia Apgar, M.D., the first woman to become a full professor at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, designed the first standardized method for evaluating the newborn’s transition to life outside the womb—the Apgar Score.

Newborn babies still benefit from Dr. Virginia Apgar’s groundbreaking research.

“Each patient is an individual. You must learn to crawl into the insides of your patients, to fear for them and what happens to them.” Joe Wilder MD

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