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Paintings and Artwork by Joe Wilder M.D.

The Art of Surgery

Joe Wilder’s paintings are a rare record of what goes on in the operating room from the point of view of someone who has performed many operations and seen many operations performed.

He knows what it’s like to be deep and surgery, which is why his renderings of it has an emotional as well as intellectual authority.

Joe Wilder’s surgery paintings  show that the surgeon is indeed mainly concerned and deeply involved in the physical fate of his patients.


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The cars were extraordinarily sculpted objects like nothing I’ve seen before, they were painted with gorgeous bright colors and designed with an elegance and a shape that captured my imagination.

I sense  the oneness between the driver and their cars, a unique symbiosis between man and machine, I try to capture this Mystique of driver in car. 

Titled: “Horse Race No. 7 ”


I think of racehorses, when I think of grace and power in harmony with each other. Look at the thoroughbred racehorses perspiring and prancing nervously before a race. Oh yes, you can feel the tension. 

Sports &

“The painting of Athletes is especially important to me. I am sensitive to how difficult it is to be a truly great one. I strive in my paintings to reflect the grace, tension, energy and power that marks great athletes. 

To record with paint the athletes fears, anxieties, insecurities, and pain, along with the athletes exhilaration.”


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