Pediatrician Caring for Patient

To the physician, the well-being of his patient is all that matters. He is charged with that responsibility when the patient walks into his office and he can’t, in good conscience, step back and evade it.”                   Joe Wilder MD

Pediatrician Caring for Patient doctor using stethoscope on little boy
Pediatrician Caring for Patient – Giclee Size 26 inches x 23.5 inches

We see in this doctor intelligence, character, concern and sensitivity.

His stethoscope tells us everything for as he listens to the patient he is clearly pondering whether the sounds are normal or abnormal. His strong character is captured in the painting for we know his decision might well save a life. The doctor wears his white coat with pride for he is above all things a committed physician.”    Joe Wilder, M.D.

To watch a good physician doing a physical and a history is to see a thing of beauty. It is a creative as well as a scientific undertaking.”             Joe Wilder MD


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