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Horse Racing Original Painting Canvas Wall Art 


The Energy

When I think of racehorses, I think of Grace and Power in harmony with each other. 

Number 7 The Winner!

Joe Wilder’s Equine Elegance: From Canvas to Your Living Room

The American art landscape has seen many luminaries, but few shine as brightly as Joe Wilder.

A man of many talents, Wilder’s prowess extends beyond the canvas, having been a chief of surgery. Yet, it is his brush strokes that have captured the hearts of many. While his portfolio is vast and varied, this article zeroes in on the majestic beauty of his horse art and its various forms available to enthusiasts and collectors.

The Beauty of Joe Wilder’s Horse Art

One look at Wilder’s horse art and it’s evident that each piece is a labor of love. The horses, often captured mid-gallop or in a serene stance, exude a raw, unbridled energy. Their manes flow, muscles ripple, and eyes hold stories – all testimony to Wilder’s meticulous attention to detail and deep admiration for these magnificent creatures.

Horse Art Canvas: A Window to Wilder’s World

There’s something undeniably special about experiencing art on canvas. The texture of the canvas, combined with the vibrant colors of oil paints, gives a depth and richness that’s hard to replicate. Wilder’s horse art on canvas is no exception. These canvases are more than just artworks; they’re windows into Wilder’s world, a place where the viewer can almost feel the wind as it whips through a horse’s mane or hear the rhythmic beating of their hooves on the ground. For those looking to add a touch of elegance and dynamism to their spaces, a Joe Wilder horse art canvas is the perfect choice.


Horse Art Prints: Accessible Masterpieces for All

Not everyone has the privilege to own an original Joe Wilder, but that shouldn’t deter art enthusiasts. Thanks to the wonders of modern printing technology, the essence of Wilder’s masterpieces can be captured in high-quality horse art prints. These prints, while more accessible in price, don’t skimp on detail. They offer a chance for a wider audience to bring a piece of Wilder’s genius into their homes. Whether framed and placed in a study or adorning the walls of a living room, these prints promise to be conversation starters.

Large Horse Art: Making a Statement

For those looking to make a bold statement, Wilder’s large horse art pieces are a must-have. These aren’t just artworks; they’re experiences. The sheer size amplifies the emotions and energy of the subjects, making them focal points in any room they grace. From the vastness of a horse galloping across a field to the intricate details of its mane and muscles, these large artworks capture the essence of Wilder’s vision and magnify it for all to see.

Ecommerce: Bringing Wilder’s Art to Your Doorstep

In an age where convenience is key, art enthusiasts will be delighted to know that replicas of Joe Wilder’s original oil paintings are just a click away. For those in search of the perfect “horse art canvas”, “horse art prints”, or “large horse art”, a dedicated ecommerce platform offers high-quality replicas, ensuring that Wilder’s legacy is accessible to all. These replicas, crafted with care, promise to bring the same vibrancy and emotion as Wilder’s originals, making them a worthy addition to any art collection.


Joe Wilder’s horse art is a testament to his unparalleled skill and passion. Whether it’s the elegance of a canvas piece, the accessibility of a print, or the grandeur of a large artwork, there’s something in Wilder’s collection for everyone. As you look to invest in art that speaks to your soul, remember the magic of Wilder’s equine masterpieces and consider bringing a piece of his world into yours.

Feel The Tension

Look at the thoroughbred racehorse perspiring and prancing nervously before a race. Oh yes you can feel that tension

Crowded Field

Sense the oneness between the jockey and race Thoroughbred.

Winning Jockey

The flow of adrenaline, its there when they need it but not when they don’t.

Polo Players

Compelling Commitment to Excellence. 

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