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Gifts Ideas – Art Featuring Surgeons & Doctors 

Your Surgeon is amazing. What in the world could you possibly get them after surgery to show your appreciation and say thank you? Below you will find gift idea to put a smile on your Surgeons face.

Coffee Mugs                                   Canvas Wall Art

Unique Gifts for Doctors and Surgeons that have everything – Great gifts for doctors office suggestions – Thank you gifts for Surgeons after Surgery.


Gifts After Delivery

Gifts for OB GYN

Thank You Gifts For OB GYN After Baby Delivery. Multiple Art Choices for Mugs, Pillows and Wall Art. View All Gifts options for OB GYN.

Gifts for Pediatricians

Gifts for Pediatricians

Unique gifts for Pediatricians that is both thoughtful and unique. Looking for just the right gift for your favorite Pediatrician. View All Gifts Options for Peditricians .

Unique gifts for Surgeons and Doctors. Your Surgeon will cherish your gift for life and enjoy forever !

Dr Joe Wilder’s original paintings are emotionally moving because it shows the Surgeon deep in surgery, and the Surgeon as a healer.

Painted by a Surgeon, the art captures the compassion of the Surgeon, and the dedication the Surgeon has to his patient.

Surgeon Art Gift Pillows

Best gift for Doctors office. The most thoughtful gift for a Surgeons office or home. Premium Pillows printed on both sides. View All Art Pillows

Doctor Coffee Mugs

Artwork of Doctors and Surgeons on Coffee Mugs. Each can be easily personalized with names, monograms or special message. Makes a great thank you gift. View All Coffee Mugs

Wall Art Canvas Prints

Wall Art Featuring Surgeons and Doctors Performing Surgery View All Art on Canvas Prints.

Gift ideas for doctors and surgeons from patients. These unique Gifts featuring the paintings of ‘Surgeons in the Operating Room’ are not available anywhere else. 

A personalized gift  to your surgeon is a very unique and meaningful way to say thank you after surgery. 

Each item can be easily personalized with the Surgeons/Doctors name, monogram or create a special message. Please use the contact form below for more information on personalization.  

They are perfect gifts for Plastic Surgeons, Ophthalmologists Surgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons, Eye Doctors, Obstetricians, OB GYN Doctors. The best gift for Doctors office or Surgeons home.

Coffee Mugs

Featuring Dr Joe Wilders Paintings of Surgeons Performing Surgery
Doctors Wall Art

Doctors Wall Art

by Joe Wilder acclaimed Artist and Surgeon.

Phone Cases

Protect your phone and proudly display

Canvas Wall Art For Surgeons

Original Artwork of Surgeons.

Fashion Art Decor Pillows

Featuring Dr Joe Wilders Paintings of Surgeons Performing Surgery

Artwork - Life in the Operating Room

Giclee's of Surgeons paintings.

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