Joe Wilder MD

Surgeon, Visionary, Renaissance Figure, American Artist. 

Unlike many artists who’s paintings fit into only a handful of categories Joe Wilder has an extraordinary plate filled with images. He has been recognized for his beautiful creations of still lifes, seascapes and landscapes, birds and animals, nudes and portraits, racing cars, horse races, athletes and most acclaimed are his paintings of surgeons, which has created an avalanche of responses from around the world.

Donald Kuspit in a recent review of Wilder’s surgeon images felt he captured the essence of Surgeons being a committed surgeon himself

About Joe Wilder

Dr. Joe Wilder  Curriculum Vitae

  • Graduated Dartmouth College
  • Degree Columbia University Physicians and Surgeons
  • Chief of Surgery Wright Patterson US Air Force Base
  • Chief of Surgery at The Hospital for Joint Diseases
  • Professor of Surgery Mount Sinai School of Medicine
  • Director of Emergency Services Mt Sinai Hospital New York
About Joe Wilder


I am an athlete, a surgeon and a painter.”

All-American lacrosse player whiles at Dartmouth college. He attended Columbia Medical School.

As a young surgeon he won the prestigious Markle Award for research in cardiovascular surgery and was the author of several medical texts. He served as Chief of Surgery at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. He was Professor of Surgery at the renowned Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City.


Joe Wilder Art Books

Wilder’s two art books and two surgery books have all been published to critical acclaim.

  • “Athletes” – The Paintings of Joe Wilder M.D. 
  • “Surgical Reflections” – Award Winner The American Medical Writers Association
  • “Life in the Operating Room” – Forward by C. Everett Koop M.D.  – 2017
  • Permanent Exhibit Yale University “Surgeons at Work” series of 14
  • 18 of his paintings reproduced in The New York Times
  • The Presidential Medal for Achievement in Art and Science 


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