The Exhilaration of Equine Artistry: Discover Joe Wilder MD’s Horse Racing Canvas Wall Art


Joe Wilder’s horse racing art captures the excitement and beauty of the sport in every piece.

In the heart of every stroke and hue laid by Dr. Joe Wilder on his canvases, lies the story of a man who is not only a proficient surgeon but also a passionate artist. His art transcends the ordinary, capturing the essence of his subjects with a depth that only someone with a keen eye for life’s finer details could achieve. Among his diverse catalog, his racehorse paintings stand out as a testament to his ability to capture the sheer exhilaration of horse racing.

Race Horse Canvas Wall Art For Sale

The Essence of Horse Racing on Canvas

When you gaze upon a Joe Wilder horse racing painting, you’re immediately transported trackside, the thunderous applause resonating, the pounding of hooves palpable. This is the power of Wilder’s horse racing canvas wall art; it encapsulates the vigor and vitality of the race. The horse and rider are in perfect unison, a dance of determination and skill that Wilder masterfully immortalizes on canvas.

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Original Oil Paintings: A Collector’s Dream

For those who appreciate the rarity and gravitas of original artwork, Joe Wilder’s original oil paintings of horse races are a dream come true. Each piece is a slice of history, a palpable connection to the sport that has fascinated millions. Owning one of these originals is akin to having a piece of the racetrack’s soul adorning your walls.

Beyond the Canvas: Functional Art Pieces

Dr. Wilder’s vision extends beyond the traditional canvas. His art, imprinted on mugs and functional items, serves as a daily reminder of the spirit of horse racing. These items are more than just merchandise; they are artifacts that carry the essence of a Wilder painting into your everyday life.

Horse Racing Coffee Mugs


Each painting is available as Giclee … Click on image for enlarged view and detailed information on how to order.