Anesthesiologist Working In The Operating Room Wall Art

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Anesthesiologists are special heroes. They are the silent force behind the scene in Operating Room.

As seen in this art work the Anesthesiologist provides continuous medical care during the operation to permit the surgeon to perform surgery safely. Anesthesiologist are  highly skilled specialist doctor.

Surgeons in the operating room are totally  dependent on the Anesthesiologists.


Giclee Museum Quality of Original Oil Painting, 

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Anesthesiologist in Operating Room Giclee

Museum Quality Giclee
$290.00 (free shipping)

For questions or assistance please email or call  Bruce 646-233-1970

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Giclee is museum quality. Canvas Prints are high quality and delivered already stretched on a frame ready for hanging or framing.  

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Giclee Museum Quality $290 Free Shipping

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