Obstetrician The Joy Of Newborn Baby Delivery

This is a joyful moment for the family and the Doctor, with a new life bringing hope for the future.”  Dr. Joe Wilder


Obstetrician joy of new born medical art painting


Visually convey the things you’re passionate about on your walls.

There is something special about being able to enjoy the artwork of a painting produced as a museum quality Giclee or Canvas Print mounted on your wall that is a rare record of what it feels like as the Surgeon performing Surgery, as painted by a surgeon. 

Dr. Joe Wilder the artist observes  A surgeon’s hands, represent coordination, beauty, and delicacy. For these anatomical structures make the difference between poor, good, and great surgeons. Good hands give you good surgery.”

Every piece of art we offer is available in a multitude of sizes to fit any décor style. (Free Shipping)

obstetrician new born canvas print medical art baby doctor
Museum Quality Giclee 24\” x 36\”
$ 460.00
Holding a 16\" x 20\" Canvas Print
Holding a 16\” x 20\” Canvas Print
obstetrician doctor new born canvas print medical art
16\” x 20\” Canvas Print $ 290.00
obstetrician new born canvas print medical art
12\” x 16\” Canvas Print $ 225.00

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