Redesigning The Practice Of Medicine

Poem by Pamela A. Mitchell


what if we went slowly   thoughtfully   about the business of healing

what if I bowed   to you and you to me   before we touched aching bodies

what if we said   out loud   this   is sacred work   might I be made   worthy

what if I blessed your hands   and you mine   before we began

repairing   delivering   dressing   listening to

broken bodies   hungry souls



would we then return   to the place   where so long ago   we felt called

where we knew for sure that   we did indeed   have hearts

hearts that beat confidently   full   of ambition

hearts that were courageous   enough to break

again   and again   and again

hearts that were not afraid   to weep


at the sheer beauty of   fulminating organ

the raw pain   of splintered fracture

the howling loss    of bodily movement


what if we were unafraid to weep   at the joy   of newborns crowning

or the resurrection    of hearts expired


what if we were unafraid   to say   I do not know the answer

and welcomed Humility   into our practice

what if we sat down with Her

and simply said a blessing


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Pamela Mitchell Finding Lost PondAbout the author – Pamela A. Mitchell is a nurse who is a native of the Adirondack Mountains of N.Y. where its wilderness was a source of deep sustenance. She attended nursing school at S.U.N.Y. Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse, received her M.F.A. from Goddard College and attended seminary at C.D.S.P. in Berkeley, C.A. She taught writing at S.U.N.Y. Adirondack Community College, Albany Institute of Art, and Saratoga Community Hospital with psychiatric patients. Pamela currently lives in Bend, Oregon where she teaches and consults in geriatric care. When not at work, she can often be found paddling her Hornbeck Boat in the solace of mountain lakes.