Cardiac Surgery

In the operating room we are only as good as our instruments.”

Surgeons are instruments in extraordinary beautiful survive struggle for survival. They help balance the scale between life and death

Around the operating table responsible surgeons function as a team, sensitive to each other, relying on each other, watching over and protecting the patients as only people in love with an ideal can. Surgery is never routine.

doctors in the operating room performing cardiac surgery
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“Even in the most skillful hands, surgery is an assault on the human body.   

Extraordinary demands are made on its delicate and fragile structure. There are emotional, physiological, and metabolic demands and changes, often undetected and perhaps irreparable, which take place during surgery. Looked at from a cold blooded viewpoint, the human body is, for a surgeon, a large object draped in sterile cotton sheets. The patient’s individuality is muffled, disguised.”      Joe Wilder MD


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