The Surgeon Placing Sutures

The Surgeon Placing Sutures
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Surgeon Placing Stitches Canvas Wall Art






The Surgeon Placing Sutures

“My surgeon paintings depict a very condensed and enriched world.” Joe Wilder MD

 When one looks at the medical artwork of Dr Joe Wilder gestures and movements have tender and moving quality to them. We feel how much the surgeons cares about their patients.

Available Medical Wall Art, Canvas Prints, Surgeon Coffee Mugs. Gifts for Surgeons Featuring Surgery Artwork ‘Life of Surgeons in the Operating Room’. 

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Giclee Museum Quality of original painting, 

Surgeon Placing Sutures 

Surgeons can relate to the deep emotion caring of the surgeon about their patients in this artwork available as a Giclee or Canvas Print of the surgeon performing surgery. how much the surgeons cares .

Giclee $375.00 free shipping

Canvas Prints are also available. See below.

The Surgeon Placing Sutures Also Available as Canvas Print

Placing Sutures 12" x 16"

$ 136.00 free shipping

Placing Sutures 16" x 20"

$ 156.00 free shipping

Placing Sutures 18" x 24"

$ 225.00 free shipping